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Quantum Potential is a unique, holistic and personalised approach to body and mind. We combine deeply relaxing and meditative yoga sessions with mental techniques to help you develop greater self awareness, see things from a different perspective, free yourself from limiting behaviours and awaken potential you knew you had but didn’t quite know how to unlock.


QP Luxury Retreat in Almyrida, Crete:

14th-21st May 2022

1st-8th October 2022

– A week of yoga and self-discovery workshops in stunning Crete
– Accommodation in luxury hotel, all rooms with sea views
– Delicious, nutritious meals at local restaurants
– All inclusive apart from flights
– £1,575.00 Single occupancy or £1,375.00 Shared occupancy

About Us

Tamar Groeneveld

Tamar Groeneveld

I’ve been a mind coach for 19 years and personal trainer for 14 years. I am an EFT practitioner and have studied NLP, Nutrition and Self-hypnosis. I have an ever-growing interest in the implications Quantum Physics, and especially Quantum Mechanics, has for human potential and what is ACTUALLY possible. This is the basis for much of the mind work we do in QP.

Kathryn Ellis

Kathryn Ellis

I’ve been a yoga teacher, massage therapist and trainer for 14 years, helping others to deal with chronic pain and physical stress. Over the years, I’ve developed a strong, practical understanding of how the body works, and the link between health, body and mind. That connection between movement and breath with physical and mental health lies at the heart of QP yoga.


What’s it like working with Tam and Kathryn? Hear first hand from some of our students!

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