Stay at Home Retreat

Let us help you take positive action towards an improved you!

Our qualified team of well-being-experts with over 50 years of experience are here to support you on your well-being journey…

We’ll guide you with a structured, easy-to-follow programme, helping you to restore your balance in a safe, enjoyable and fun community. Using nutrition, yoga and mindfulness, expect to increase your energy, health, vitality and build a stronger immune system.  

Below you’ll find out what’s involved in your Stay Home Retreat, what you’ll get out of it and how to get started.

Week one is preparation week where your 21-day experience starts with a group meeting online. Nutrition-coach, Jon, introduces you to your gut-friendly nutrition programme. You’ll be invited to our private FB group where we share interesting recipes and ideas to keep you motivated and inspired.

Week two is immersion-week. Together, we’ll start each day with a flowing yoga sequence. Tam will then lead you through the daily self-discovery workshops which explore different topics. The afternoon is your down-time where you’ll be encouraged to read, sleep and rest. 

We come back together to prepare our evening meal; we’ll be led in our daily recipe by the fantastic Marit who will share her top tips for how to prepare a delicious, nutritious meal we’re sure you’ll love! Whilst you wait for your meal to cook or rest, we come back to the yoga mat, where I’ll lead you through a deeply relaxing, meditative, yin yoga class. 

Our day together ends with a chat over our evening meal where we get to discuss how we’re feeling or just sit back and enjoy the moment.

Week three is transformation week where you get to practise and integrate your newly-learned habits. We encourage you here to share your experience with the others who will probably by now be good friends. 

We say our final “au revoir”s at the end of the programme and celebrate your transformation.

Kathryn will guide you through the yoga classes each day in the middle week. She has practised yoga for over 25 years and has been teaching yoga and yoga massage for 10 years. She’ll help you to connect with how your body feels rather than what it looks like in each posture, making sure you do a version of each move in a way that benefits you. The classes are suitable for you whatever your level of experience, whether you’re a complete beginner or a more experienced practitioner. 

Jon is a wellbeing and nutrition coach and he will guide you through your 21 day nutrition kick start programme. This simple and easy to follow plan focuses on supporting your gut, immune system and overall health.

Did you know you’re only 10% human?! The other 90% is Microbiome which is made up from bacteria, fungi and microbes. By improving levels of beneficial bacteria in your Microbiome, you’ll think, feel and function much better, hugely influencing the quality of your life.

Jon has taken hundreds of people through this programme and, just like them, you too can experience greater energy, rejuvenating sleep, improved mood and a significant reduction in your aches and pains. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to lose weight, particularly from around the middle as your bloating disappears and you feel fabulous. 

So, if you’re ready to make your home your sanctuary, to nourish your mind and body, give yourself some TLC, boost up your energy and develop a routine that keeps you at your best, then WE will love supporting you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!! 

The first week of the programme is designed to fit around your existing work and lifestyle. As you prepare for the immersion week, Jon will get you started with your new nutritional, purification plan and 5 gut-friendly dietary supplements (which, alone, is worth £200).

Week two, or immersion week, requires you to take a break from your work and step away from your normal routine! It’ll include:

Your 10 live yoga classes with Kathryn, and 5 transformational, self-discovery workshops with Tam

You’ll also get 2 recorded yoga classes to develop your home-practice in your own time

And, you’ll get the Tasty Recipes and live cookery lessons with the fabulous Marit

In week three, you can return to your computer if you wish, now armed with your newly formed habits and the support of your new friends.

Throughout you’ll have access to a supportive and positive online community, including your three coaches and we will finish it all off with a celebration party on the final day.

All of this for JUST £495

To get started it’s as easy as clicking here.

If you have any questions, we highly recommend you message us today.

Ready to go? We have some special bonuses for you: The first five to book on, get £250 off the full price of the next QP Crete retreat in October

The next five will get £25 cash-back.

AND you’ll all get one of Kathryn’s yin yoga classes so that you can get started straightaway.

We only have 20 places available and we expect them to get booked up quickly.

So, whilst you can’t go abroad right now… travel with us on this amazing, life-changing journey on your ‘Stay at home’ Retreat. 


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