What is Quantum Potential Yoga?

There are many paths to yoga…

QP yoga is the bringing together of mind and body, finding the connection between the two. We look to expand our mind through inspiring talks that help you recognise and challenge your preconceptions. We look to create space in our body through using conscious meditative movement, held postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama). We use visualisations and meditation techniques to cement the union of the two strands.

QP yoga does not include chanting and aerobic exercises.

QP yoga is not dogmatic or ritualistic and is not based on faith or religion. It’s accessible to all, physically, intellectually and emotionally.

We are looking to help you find out how to focus the mind in order to develop mental calm and deep insight. We are looking to help you connect with your body to bring some physical respite that may be caused from tightness, discomfort and pain, allowing you to access your latent physical energy.

Why Quantum Potential?

Our approach through the talks is to look at the workings of the mind and the theory behind Quantum Physics; to show you the possibilities that are open to you and for you to realise your true potential.

Video: Quantum Potential Yoga

Kathryn discusses her approach to yoga, with input from students who have attended previous workshops and our 2017 retreat in Crete.

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